Lorna is a chartered physiotherapist and qualified acupuncturist.

Lorna was trained at West Middlesex University hospital in 1975-1978 and after working in the NHS, moved into private practice specialized in musculoskeletal and sports medicine.
Further training in acupuncture, osteopathy, and animal physiotherapy.
Also worked with England netball squad.
For many years and most recently with endurance horses and riders.

Her rational is working with people and animals is based on careful assessment with development of treatment plans and guided rehabilitation programs to obtain best levels of recovery from injury and rebalancing of physical skills.

Lorna’s practice was previously based in Hertfordshire for many years and have moved and worked in Derbyshire close to her family in Sheffield.
Her passions also include heritage and historical studies, walking and horse riding and enjoying living in this beautiful part of the country.

Contact Lorna

email: lornaskinner57@gmail.com

mob: 07973 831634